1. Reach, (installed at the University of Texas Arlington), 2014, aluminum, stainless steel, Spectra, Soltis fabric

2. Reach, alternate view

3. Rust Belt Blues (installed at North Bennington Train Depot, VT), 2019, mixed media

4. Column to Brancusi, (installed on Appalachian State University, NC), 2006, porcelain, steel

5. Column to Brancusi, (installed at Lake Oswego, OR), alternate view

6. Monument to John Glenn, (installed in Ocala, FL), 2018, weathering steel

7. Hacked Pulse Acquisition Radar, (installed at The Mount, Lenox, MA), 2018, steel, solar components

8. Hacked Pulse Acquisition Radar, (installed at National Metals Museum, Memphis, TN), 2017